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Coral Shores Athletes Participate in Soccer Special Olympics

By April 8, 2019May 16th, 2019No Comments

Coral Shores athletes participated in soccer Special Olympics on Saturday, April 6 as partners to the athletes and get promoted to the State level for upcoming games in Orlando in May! The team has been practicing twice a week for several months and will continue until May States Tournament.

Above: Left to right: Peter Reynoso, Coach Pedro Reynoso, Julian, Riley Dobson, Lucia Rodriguez, Natalia Gonzales, Sam…, Will, Kaylee Stokey, and front Sophia Gonzales

Above: Riley and Lucia are getting ready to partner with their athletes

Above: Natalia, Riley and Lucia relaxing while they wait for their game to begin

Above: Three partners: Riley, Lucia and Kaylee

Above: Riley and Will trying to determine who is taller.